Zoom Cuentacuentos Arroqueño Ancestral (Miguel Ángel Cruz Rios)

Cuentacuentos Arroqueño Ancestral (Miguel Ángel Cruz Rios)

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Maguey arroqueño (Agave americana var. oaxacensis) is a massive wild Maguey that can take upwards of 20 years to mature. It is the genetic mother of Maguey espadin, which is the most commonly used Maguey in Mezcal. Many in the Mezcal industry are concerned that this wild Maguey will become more and more rare as Mezcal’s popularity rises, because of the extensive time required for these Magueyes to grow. A few Mezcal producers are also doing sustainability projects to plant new arroqueno in the Oaxacan hills to replace those harvested each year.

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