1919 Distilling

1919 is a handcrafted gin & whisky distillery based in Auckland, New Zealand.

They incorporate New Zealand’s finest ingredients with kiwi ingenuity to produce innovative,  first-rate spirits that people can get excited about. 

They are driven by a mission to bring more transparency and integrity to the spirits industry. They choose not to compromise on the quality of ingredients and connection to the distilling craft for the sake of scalability.

They choose to use the best ingredients available, rather than cut corners; lemons and oranges grown in New Zealand, hand picked cherries from Otago and sustainably sourced honey. Their goal is to not only use the best ingredients, but to help grow New Zealand business along the way. 

1919's ethanol is made from sugar cane the same way they did it in the 1900's. This is unique in New Zealand. It’s cheaper and easier to use the alternative, whey ethanol, (made from milk), which is used by most brands.  They believe in using the best to make the best, rather than taking short cuts that compromise the quality of their products. 

Their still is New Zealand made and was custom built for the Distillery. By choosing to get the still made locally they were able to ensure the absolute best quality and craftsmanship, while supporting the grass roots distilling industry in New Zealand. 

1919 are proud to be New Zealand made and walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Next time you are in your local liquor store look for the words "New Zealand made" on the bottle and not just "New Zealand". You will likely be surprised by the amount of gins that claim to be New Zealand gins, but are not made there and do not have a physical distillery to call home.

1919 are proud to have built their very own distillery, in New Zealand, from the ground up. They have kept the craft at the heart of what they do, which allows them to push the boundaries and create award-winning, innovative spirits.


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