Wholesale Terms & Conditions

The applicant and the licensee will abide by the terms and conditions of trade as shall from time to time be advised to the applicant or to the licensee by either a letter signed by an authorised officer of CNV Chappell Holdings or as set out on any invoice rendered by CNV Chappell Holdings to the applicant or licensee.

The applicant must inform CNV Chappell Holdings in writing within (7) days of any change of his/her their business or corporate structure.

Prices are quoted in Australian dollars and are subject to change without notice. Goods are offered subject to availability.

The applicant acknowledges that title of any goods ordered from CNV Chappell Holdings does not pass to the applicant unless payment has been received by CNV Chappell Holdings in full.

Overdue accounts — If a customer fails to make payments on the due date CNV may (in addition to taking any other action) also suspend all further deliveries of goods to the customer.

The customer shall also pay any costs arising out of and incurred by reason of the customer’s default


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