Caballito Cerrero

Caballito Cerrero “The one that doesn`t need horseshoes” was created in 1950, by Don Alfonso Jimenez Rosales when he separated from Tequila Herradura, a company of which he was a founding partner. 

It was developed in a Santa Rita factory, built in 1873 by his father-in-law Maximiano Hernandez Orozco. His son Claudio continued to produce tequila Caballito Cerrero until his death. It was not until 2018 that his descendants (the 15th generation of “vino mezcal” producers) took the decision, under the premise of always respecting the values of the agave and maintaining a full identity, to cease the use of the word tequila in order to produce "Caballito Cerrero" as an agave distillate (meaning they use more than one type of agave, allowing freedom of expression and the ability to honour tradition).

The Jimenez family maintains absolute respect for the quality of the 100% agave product that they produce. They use only mature agaves, those of the Amatitán region, Blue Agave Tequilana Weber and Agave Angustifolia as their ancestors did.

Caballito Cerrero is the result of the knowledge acquired by the Jimenez family throughout fifteen generations of producers of vino mezcal, tequila and agave distillate.

The perfect combination of the geographical conditions of the Santa Rita factory and the effort of a family to stay true to their convictions and traditions results in the production of these incredible products.

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