Tierra Noble

Surrounded by the spectacular landscape of the mountains of the Sierra del Tigre, La Estacada, one of the highest distilleries in the world, is located at 7,200 feet, Tierra Noble

It is in this noble land, where the agaves culminate their journey of hundreds of kilometers to begin their transformative path of perfection to a great tequila. It is a place of fresh forests, clean air and beautiful springs all with a unique purity, which become essential ingredients of the greatness of Tierra Noble.

At this altitude, the low temperatures contribute to slow ferment conserving the aromatic richness of the agave.

After ten long days of waiting the famous second fermentation is achieved, also called malolactic fermentation. It is a characteristic of the best wines and spirits in the world, creating intense herbal and cooked agave notes, unique to Tierra Noble.

Years of experience led their Tequila Master to perfect the subtle cuts of each of the two distillations of Tierra Noble. It is made in small stills with high capitals and long necks which allow, through a slow distillation process, the modelling and carving of their best Tequilas. 

Long-lived white oak has given way to a new story of maturity. Our barrels made of 75 year old American oak and 150 year old French oak impart aroma and softness to our tequilas that rest peacefully, breathing and enriching themselves through each stave. A gentle ageing thanks to the cold temperatures in our maturation room finishes the process.


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