Aguas Mansas

Among the agave “pines” (hearts) flow liquid stories, some about the farmers who care for them as they are growing, some about the mezcal makers that make them flourish, and others about the drinkers who with every sip the mezcal gives them life.

It is in those Aguas Mansas, full of stories, where the aromas and flavours are deposited in one of the drinks more identified by Mexicans; mezcal.

With its revealed dualities, this special liquid that fell from the sky and is found in the Earth’s bowels demonised virtues that have made it the protagonist of solitary rituals, in group, through the fields and cities.

Aguas Mansas, originally from Santiago Matatlán, a village located in the heart of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca.

Because of the quality of the agave and the production methods that have been passed down from generation to generation, this place is known as “The World Capital of Mezcal”.

Under master distiller Juan Hernández Santiago, agave that has been through a conical ground oven, a stone grinding wheel, fermented in a wooden tub and distilled in copper stills is transformed.


In calm waters demons are stirred


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