Domaine D'Hondrat

Domaine d’Hondrat is anchored in a rich and colourful territory.

It was started in a building dating back to the nineteenth century. The vineyards surround this beautiful piece of architecture and face Bassin de Thau dominated by the city of Sète from Mont St Clair.

Domain d'Hondrat is situated in the heart of Bassin de Thau in Languedoc Roussillon.

The adventure of the family-owned domain began in 1891 under the direction of Basile VIGROUX, Romain’s paternal great grandfather. Today, Romain manages Domain d’Hondrat.

Five generations of wine growers have contributed to developing the richness of their vineyards. Firmin, Jean, René, Michel, Jean-Marie and Roger have continuously expanded the vineyards from growing 4 to the current level of 80 hectares.

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