Why use a glass cork?

Vinolok is a Glass cork which were developed and designed to look like decanter stoppers. They achieve a tight seal by way of a plastic O-ring that allows for a snug fit between stopper and bottle.

They have a few distinct advantages over other closures: 

  • They cannot have cork taint (as natural or composite corks might) 
  • They seal tightly, so they won’t oxidise the wine prematurely (as plastic or rubber“corks” tend to do)
  • Glass stoppers are unique in their simplicity and comfort, what prevent the leakage of the air into the bottle as the main cause of wine oxidation. 
  • Is technically and organoleptically 100% neutral. It fully meets the nutritional standards and it is attractive to consumers.
  • Innovative and most advanced choice for consumers. Purity, neutrality and simplicity guarantee quality and long life of our wines. 
  • Sustainable, Did you know that glass, the main part of the Vinolok closure, is infinitely recyclable without any loss in quality? It can be melted repeatedly and transformed into new Vinolok closures or other glass products. Even the sealing ring is recyclable in the same way as low density polyethylene (used in juice and milk cartons). The result is fully recyclable closure.
  • Preserve the taste of wine aged over time


Why don’t you experience this closure for yourself and see the benefits for yourself? — Try either or Elle lui rose or blanc to discover Vinolok.



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